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Tom had a tumor. Not a bad one, but you generally try to get those out of your brain ASAP anyway. So he did.

Tom runs the Ant Cellar. He puts on awesome shows for free and gives the donations to the touring bands. Tom could use some help with the tumor money, so he’s throwing an awesome show at the Worthen, which is an awesome dive bar in Lowell. So here’s how I made a flier for it.

Well, first I did the layout in photoshop, which is boring. So then I did a pencil outline of the printout after. It looked like this:


Then I did a little watercolor stuff over the pencil and erased the pencil when it dried. It looked like this:


Then I inked it. That was this:


Slight color correction after scanning and then adding text, and boom final product:

BrainFestWebIf you’re going to be in Lowell around then, you should go. It’ll be fun. Two metal bands, a punk band, a loud indie band, and some fun surf rock. Five bucks, five bands, free parking, cheap beer, help a fella pay a bill or two?


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Weak Teeth album cover progress

So it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to actually work on this one, but the ink for the front cover is finally done. So here that is:

Weak Teeth front cover line art

Yay, now all I have left to do is…a ton, but it’ll be good.

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Final digital version of flyer

Boom. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be printing these with acrylic paint on fancy paper either insanely late tomorrow night or in the morning Saturday before the show.

Flyer for punk/metal show at Furey's, Feb 18th, Lowell MA at 8pm

Flyer for punk/metal show at Furey's, Feb 18th, Lowell MA at 8pm

And if you’re not already going, which is hard to believe because the Facebook event shows it as being insanely packed, here’s a link to all the info:


Again, should all go according to plan, limited-edition prints of this flyer done within 24 hours of the show will be for sale there. Since beer’s so cheap at this bar, I think you might be able to spring for a pretty sweet 11X17 poster. It’ll look great in a cheap WalMart frame, btw.

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