Yeah, my band nobody cares about is getting shirts. I drew this. It’ll be okay.

Old Grey T-Shirt Design

Old Grey T-Shirt Design

still working on it, i swear

it’s been a busy chunk of time, and with that my off-time has been spent not working too hard. about to pick back up on it and crank this album cover out. it’ll be good, i swear

Hi Bill!

Hi Bill!…

boom another aminal

boom another aminal

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So this hands-hurting thing has really taken a toll on how quickly I’m getting stuff done. Hopefully resting them for the weekend will let me power through and get a lot taken care of next week. Vacation work power session!

Getting there

I’ll wait before I post the rest, but I figure I can get one animal done a night, then spend a day on the background. After that, got some new ideas for how to color it thanks to some new free/cheap supplies

Starting a new big deal that’ll take a bit

Got a big project. Here’s day 1. Trust me, it’ll be awesome when it’s all put together.

Los Bungalitos 8/15/2012 PA’s Lounge in Somerville MA

I call this one “Carnivore Circle Pit”


Carnivore Cirlce Pit

There’s a little bit of PBR in all the paint…seemed appropriate