Coming soon, some real cool stuff

As I write this, I’m settling in to start work on a sweet flyer collab with Joe MacFadzen. Some of you might know his band, the Big Sway. Others might know his photography. (If you know him personally, he definitely won’t let you even attempt to avoid knowing both)

Anyway, it’s a cool idea. Both our bands are playing a show together on Feb 18th…in fact, every band playing has a member living at our house. For this reason, Joe’s been kind enough to send me a few photos to ruin in an illustration.

Together, once that’s done, we’re heading down to the Revolving Museum to screen print a bunch of these bad boys to sell at the show as art pieces/mementos of a night nobody will sober enough to remember.

Enough jabbering, I got some Photoshopping to do. Here are a few links to all the randomness involved:



Old Grey (that’s me)

Pathogenic (downstairs neighbor, cool vocals, melodic and epic)

Los Bungalitos (Joe’s band, awful drummer)

The Big Sway (Joe’s other band, funky)

Hivesmasher (downstairs neighbors, really worthless drummer)

I’ll post the Facebook event as soon as the flyer is done.

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