Knock Over City

New art. Knock Over City is putting out a tape and I did the layout and art yaaay. It was cool working small and on a vertical format for a change. I also set it up as an 11×17 poster if they want to go that route. Here’s the poster version (same image. The layout stuff is all text and I didn’t write it so whatevs).

Go check out their bandcamp and purchase their tape when it’s all done.


old wooden ships on toxic nuclear water in space but some can fly

Art for Knock Over City’s upcoming full-length cassette, “No Funeral”

oh hi

new work! original is just about 3 ft tall yaaaay

gene wilder as willy wonka riding the motorcycle from terminator 2 while holding a super soaker squirt gun

willy wonka as the terminator with a super soaker, obviously.

Coming up soon I did some actual designy design work, not just ridiculously detailed chicken scratch with the smallest pens the great people at Micron have to offer.

Woah, neat thing I forgot to post!

So it’s been a while. Work/life etc. BUT check this out:

That’s John Dyer Baizley of super great band Baroness. If you’re not aware of Baroness, you might have seen his art on tons of other band’s stuff. Mostly metal, but he’s definitely not producing stereotypical metal album covers.

Anyway, I was super crazy excited he replied. Because I’m a total fanboy. Anyway, that’s that.

yay new thingie

yay new shirt i designed being sold!

yay new shirt i designed being sold!

woohoo! check out the band and/or buy the shirt and support some great massachusetts punk rock at

new thingie

made the picture for this sweet little free EP for my buddy. yaaaay

knock over city, settling EP

knock over city, settling EP

New stuff soon!

Alright, so I know it’s been a while and I’m sure nobody’s been checking…SO HERE’S WHAT I’M DOING RIGHT NOW:

Got two shirt designs in the works for Party Band, who are having their CD release at the end of March, which should be a pretty rad show. So when those are done, I’ll be posting those…

And then we’ve got stuff with my band going on. We’re doing a name change and some new visuals to go along with it, and we just tracked three songs for a little EP type thing that will have some cool handmade packaging, sort of a collaboration between me and Adam on the look of that thing. Gotta come up with an illustration for the inside cover, gonna do an illustration based on a design Adam did for a sticker, and I’m sure depending on tax returns and whatnot we’re gonna order shirts which means….ANOTHER illustration.

In short, I need to buy some pens and there’s going to be a BUNCH of new stuff up within the next month or so. Yay.

Yay new work

Here’s a brand new shirt design I just did for Lowell’s own Riverhawk Party Band.

riverhawk party band shirt

Shirt design for the Riverhawk Party Band from Lowell MA

Alphonse Mucha goes to Fallout

Poster for WUML's Fallout Shelter 2013-2014 schedule

Poster for WUML’s Fallout Shelter 2013-2014 schedule

so I took Alphonse Mucha’s Job cigarette poster, which is one of my favorite art nouveau pieces, and altered, redrew, and painted it for Live From the Fallout Shelter’s schedule. YAY I think it came out pretty decent, despite the sloppy border I did.


New project in the works, should be posting it by the end of next week. It’ll be nifty or something.


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